• Rates & Green Fees

    Weekday (M-F) $33.00 $17.00
    Weekend (S-Sun) $40.00 $24.00
    Weekdays (M-F) $19.00 $10.00
    Weekends (S-Sun) $21.00 $12.00
  • Golf Rules

    1. No one under the age of 16 will be allowed to use the golf course on Saturday, Sunday or holidays until after 2:00 PM, unless they are accompanied by an adult.
    2. Every Tuesday is Ladies Day. Men will be allowed on the golf course, however, women will have priority.
    3. No bathing attire allowed. Players must wear a collared shirt at all times. Soft spikes only, please.
    4. All members and guests must register before play.
    5. At no times are there to be more than 2 golfers riding in a single golf cart.
    6. No more than a foursome will be permitted to play together at a time unless consent from the pro-shop is given.
    7. No pets are allowed on the course.
    8. Slower players and players looking for a lost ball should exercise proper etiquette and allow faster players to play through.
    9. On the putting greens, players should repair all damage done to greens by the ball and/or themselves.
    10. Please use receptacles for all trash. Help us keep Moss Hill Golf Course clean and neat!
    11. Please repair divots.
    12. Please use the 90° cart rule unless otherwise posted.