• Course Gallery

    Take a virtual tour of Moss Hill Golf Course's pristine landscape. A tree-lined course featuring meticulously maintained greens and fairways, Moss Hill presents the perfect balance of challenge and enjoyability for all golfers. Whether you are a beginner or scratch golfer, casual player or competitor, your round at Moss Hill Golf Course is sure to be full of enjoyment and satisfaction.

  • Fairway view from the first teebox.

    The bunker-surrounded, first green.

    Hole two's uphill par 3 tee shot.

    Back view of the par 3 second.

    Approach into the green on the par-4 third hole.

    Hole four uphill tee shot.

    Side view of hole four's large green.

    Fifth hole tee shot view.

    Downhill approach into the fifth green.

    Approach into the par 4 sixth.

    Side view of the par 4 sixth green.

    Approach into the dogleg seventh.

    Approach into the elevated eighth green.

    Challenging ninth tee shot into and uphill fairway.

    Back view of hole nine's uphill green.

    Downhill approach into the par 4 10th.

    Downhill par 3 11th, guarded by left boundary fence and right bunkers.

    View of the small 12th hole green.

    Hazardous tee shot into the hole 13th's par 3 green.

    Hole 14's straight-in fairway approach.

    Side view of the 14th hole's tree-lined green.

    Tee view of the par 3 15th.

    Hole 16's slight dogleg, valley approach.

    Side view of the elevated, par 4 16th green.

    Long tee shot of the par 5 17th.

    Approach into the reachable 17th green - downhill second shot, and uphill third shot from layup.

    Tee view of the tree-lined 18th fairway.

    Finishing approach into the uphill, tree-guarded 18th green.